SUP Paddle (2)


Designed for Stand Up Paddling

The OXYBLACK SUP Paddle was developed with practitioners for practioners.
Combining the experience of practitioners with OXYBLACK technology on project development and production of high precision molds CAD / CAM.



The blade shape has been carefully designed to maximize the efficiency of the paddler during the four steps of paddling. Also the angle between the blade and the shaft and the curved profile of the blade were optimised to obtain a fine and fast entry into the water.
· 3 blade sizes
· Carbon fiber laminate / sandwich structural core


· 100% carbon fiber - 29mm outside diametre
· Very good strength to weight ratio for the varying demands



· Designed to be ergonomic and to transmit the maximum force during the stroke
· Carbon fiber laminate / sandwich structural core


Choosing the right paddle

Blade area

The most important consideration when choosing a blade is to match the surface area of the blade to the paddler and the kind of use. The blade area can be compared to a bike gear: when we use a big area blade it is like using a low bike gear i.e. high power / low speed, good to accelerate and go uphill, when we use a small area blade we have the opposite result.

Since a paddle is more like a single speed bike, you should choose a blade that have the correct area for your needs:
· Surfing, you need to be able to accelerate from a complete stop to catch a wave, so a big area blade works better, Model Ericeira M63*.
· Racing is about maintaining a high speed, a "high gear" is more efficient, so a medium blade is indicated, Model Ericeira M59*.
· Touring, is a distance or quiet paddling with low body effort so a small blade is indicated, Model Ericeira M54*.
· All around the correct balance between speed and acceleration, Model Ericeira M59*.

*Note: These are general advices, the right choice will depend on the height and physical ability of each user.


 Available blade options and technical parameters

Ericeira M63
Ericeira M59
Ericeira M54
Blade dimensions
(a x b)
 39,5 x 22,5 (cm)
15,6 x 8,8 (in)
39,5 x 21,0 (cm)
15,6 x 8,3 (in)
 39,5 x 19,5 (cm)
15,6 x 7,7 (in)
Blade area  631 cm2
97,8 in2
 594 cm2
92,0 in2
543 cm2
84,1 in2
(aprox. +/-5%)
 526 g
18,6 oz
514 g
18,1 oz
 498 g
17,6 oz

Paddle length

There is no set formula for length, is more of a personal preference.
· For surfing, the paddle should be about 15 to 23cm  (6 to 9") taller than user. 
· For flat water paddling / racing it should be 23 to 30 cm (9" to 12") taller (or more).


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