Standard kit

All pieces are exactly the same size and shape than the main parts of the original plywood pieces of the Micro Magic.

Technical specifications

Some of these components have been improved to allow a better fixation, reinforcement and perfection of the final shape. All the parts are cut with high precision in CNC machine (Controlled Numeric Cut) to have the exact dimensions. This kit comes with mounting instructions.
Overall parts thickness:  1mm (aprox.)
Total parts net weight: 25g (aprox.)

Each package is sent by registered mail in an envelope and contains:
1 carbon plates 195 mm cm x 145 mm containing all the parts.
1 assembly manual.
Part Numbers

  6. Shroud reinforcement
  7. Servo mounting support
  9. Bow reinforcement
10. Rudder bush reinforcement
11. Servo plate
13. Jib trim servo reinforcement
15. Cockpit bulkhead
16. Rudder servo plate
19. Central bulk head
22. Stern reinforcement

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