Shipping costs & delivery

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are determined at the time of checkout based on the number of items, item type, weight and volume of all the items in the cart, but basic guidelines for estimating shipping costs are provided below for your reference.
Note: However, due to the wide range of products (including hazardous and oversize products) sometimes the website will not calculate the shipping price correctly. In these circumstances, we will calculate the actual shipping cost and contact you.

Price calculation

For the calculation of your shipping you should add the weight of the parts you want to purchase (the package weight is included in the product information) and find the correspondence value in the table below.
These prices are calculated automatically after you fill your "Bill information" during your normal order process.

FLAT PACKAGINGS / 2D (max. tickness: 10mm)
Weight Europe (EU)
Europe (out of EU)
outside Europe
< 250g  6,00€  7,00€ 7,00€
250g - 500g  7,00€  10,00€  10,00€
500g - 1Kg  11,00€  18,00€  18,00€

NOTES: VAT included ; Max. dimensions => 360x240mm


Weight Europe (EU)
Europe (out of EU)
outside Europe
< 500g  22,00€  38,00€ contact us
500g - 1Kg  25,00€  51,00€ contact us
1Kg - 5Kg  44,00€  94,00€ contact us
 > 5Kg or other dim.  contact us  contact us contact us

NOTES: VAT included ; Max. dimensions => 2400x1200X1800mm

Delivery registered

For speed, safety and traceability reasons we usually ship the items registered. For heavy, big size items, large quantities or special shipment conditions please contact us by email and we provide you with a specific quotation.

Tracking information

As soon as your shipment has leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipping notification via email and a web link plus a tracking number to follow-up your order during transport.

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