Carbon Fiber sheets

OXYBLACK - COMPOSITES produces a wide range of carbon fiber plates. Each plate consists of several layers of plain weave carbon fiber and epoxy resin with thicknesses starting at 0.5 mm and available with different dimensions.

Our products are produced to the highest international standards of the composite industry and when properly used have a virtually unlimited lifespan.

These plates can be used for various purposes ranging from modeling to the components for competition, sports or industry.
OXYBLACK carbon fiber sheets have different specifications, depending on the purpose for which they are intended.


Standard carbon fiber sheets

These carbon fiber sheets e a tough and rigid carbon tissue reinforced with an epoxy matrix, and are composed of several layers of plain weave fabric without any core material. The carbon fiber layers are oriented in 0 and 90 degrees. These sheets are indicated for applications in which the directional forces are exercised primarily in the longitudinal or transverse sense of the sheet. These boards do not have any core material.


Multiaxial carbon fiber sheets

A multiaxial sheet consists of orientated layers of unidirectional fibre (e.g. 0°, 90º, +45°, -45°,  90º, 0°) cured together. For applications that require to withstand high loads also in the diagonal direction of the sheet, the multiaxial carbon fiber plates are indicated because they are made with balanced and symmetrical lay-up schedules of 90 degree and 45 degree fabric referred to as quasi-isotropic, giving up to 50% higher strenght along the 45 degree diagonal in comparison with the Standard carbon fiber plates. For the majority of typical applications, quasi-isotropic carbon-fiber has superior performance. These boards do not have any core material.

Sandwich sheets

A composite sandwich sheet combine the superior strength and stiffness properties of carbon fiber with a lower density core material.
These sheets are made of a core material sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber or others fibers and are characterized by a high torsional stiffness and low weight.
Each laminated plate has a symmetrical and balanced carbon fiber layers scheduled with core materials, this structure is exceptionally flat, stable and lighter than a solid carbon fiber laminate plate.



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