Services & Technologies


We care about solutions and high-tech products for success.
Our goal is to help our customers to achieve new levels of performance by improving the range of products or developing new components.
Being versatility one of the main characteristics of composites and carbon fiber, there is an endless number of areas of performance that can take advantage from our services.
In order to achieve the best results, we believe that close collaboration with customers is vital.
These results can be obtained either by maximizing the performance of products, by reducing their weight, by increasing its resistance, or increasing their life cycle, and this is applicable both in consumer and industrial products of virtually all types.


Whatever the job, compliance with the latest industry standards and materials combined with speed, responsiveness, and flexibility.
The technologies we have allow us to control the entire production process with emphasis on: design with CAD software, rapid prototyping, product engineering, production engineering, moulds and final production.


Software CAD
3-axes milling machine
Curing ovens
Vacuum systems
Freezers at -18 degrees C for materials storage


Hand lay-up molding.
CNC aluminum mold tooling manufacturing
Industrial modeling, mock-ups, prototyping
Fabrics reinforced composite structures manufacturing processes.
Prepreg technologies
Vacuum moulding, Infusion, RTM

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