Micro Magic Carbon Fiber parts




By using OXYBLACK carbon fiber parts, your Micro Magic will be lighter, stronger and prepared to maneuver faster and more efficiently. Also important, is that carbon fibre is a material that doesn’t deteriorate and doesn’t absorb water, avoiding the weight increase of the parts. The components that constitute it are virtually indestructible if properly used.
All parts of the kit were previously cut by CNC (Controlled Numeric Cut) machine with an accuracy of 0,01mm to have the exact measures and to be easily assembled.


Extremely lightweight and strong

Given the characteristics of the material they are made of, several layers of carbon fiber 200g/m2, the parts of your kit are extraordinarily light and particularly strong. Hence they guarantee a minimum weight in Micro Magic and a maximum strength and stiffness when they are applied to the effort for which they were manufactured.

Unbreakable even in the toughest conditions

The resistance of the parts is far superior to the originals, giving more strength to your Micro Magic in the most demanding conditions.
Even under conditions of high humidity or the presence of water, carbon fibre keeps all its properties and does not show any signs of deterioration for a virtually unlimited period of time.

Standard kit

All pieces are exactly the same size and shape than the main parts of the original plywood pieces of the Micro Magic.

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Pro Advanced kit

By using the OXYBLACK carbon fiber kit MM Pro Advanced your Micro Magic will have the required preparation for competition.


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