Composite radomes function as protective covers for antenna systems while minimizing the electro-magnetic impact on performance.

OXYBLACK designs and produces different kind of structures and radomes for telecommunications applications.
Our solutions provide the antenna system with a controlled environment shielding sensitive equipment from weather related stresses such as wind, snow, ice, salt spray, etc. radomes increase the useful life of the antenna and decrease overall maintenance costs for the system.


Other advantages:

• Allows operation in severe weather by protecting the system from wind, rain, snow, hail, sand, salt spray, insects, animals, UV damage, windblown debris, and wide temperature fluctuations.
• Provides security for the antenna system protecting it from observation, vandalism etc.
• Provides a controlled environment minimizing downtime, and extending component and system operating life.
• Permits the use of more economical antenna pedestals, foundations, and drive system components.
• Makes it easier to carry to remote locations.

A radome also allows the antenna system to use lighter duty and less expensive components such as drive motors and smaller less expensive foundations by eliminating wind loads from the antenna. The controlled environment inside the radome provides greater system availability as the antenna can operate in adverse environmental conditions with minimal degradation. (Challenge us)

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