In the business of automation, where machines often run as fast as possible, reduce inertial loads and increase structural stiffness is crucial.

The use of lightweight composites in moving assemblies such as robot arms allows the arm to accelerate and decelerate more quickly, more precisely, and with less power.
OXYBLACK can help your company to replace the heavy metal components with optimized carbon fiber structures that will contribute to reduce part fabrication time, dramatically increasing profitability.

Application examples:

•    Custom parts
•    Equipment boxes
•    Hardware supports
•    Arms
•    Lightweight panels
•    Tubes / Structures
•    Pickers and Fork lifts
•    Etc.

For many applications, this ability to reduce weight and increase structural stiffness reflects directly in faster response time and reduced motor and actuator loads, this in turn results in improved productivity and longer maintenance cycles.
Industrial automation and robotics is a field starting to realize the benefits of carbon fiber and other solutions with advanced composites. (Challenge us)

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