Wide range applications

The future belongs to advanced fiber reinforced composites
One of the great strengths of composites is that the properties are adjustable according to design and engineering parameters. Each year, advanced composite materials find their way into hundreds of new applications, from aircraft, missiles and spacecraft to simple consumer goods. Advanced composites offer an increasing array of potential uses as a material and system solution.

A composite material may be insulating or electrically or thermally conductive, it has a coefficient of thermal expansion that is specific to the intended application and can be optimized for energy absorption or to reduce impact sound. It can have very complex geometries such as double curvatures and large dimensions and can incorporate many features like inserts, decorative or protection elements, etc. It finds applications in "low cost" as well as "high tech" sectors. Below we present a list of some applications of this incredible “material”:


In the business of automation, where machines often run as fast as possible, reduce inertial loads and increase structural stiffness is crucial.

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Composite radomes function as protective covers for antenna systems while minimizing the electro-magnetic impact on performance.

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The material to construct tooling is critical to the performance of the tool, especially when the tool is subjected to elevated temperatures.

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For any general industrial project, we can help our clients in the entire process with prototyping services.

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Small series

To develop innovative components as well as tailored system solutions and services we can help you with small series production.

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Reinforcement and Repairs. The advanced composites can also be used in conjunction with other materials thereby adding their qualities to the final product.

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Electronic Enclosutes. There are several benefits of lightweight carbon fiber electronics enclosures. The primary reason our customers look to carbon fiber for these applications is to reduce weight.

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The constructive solutions in carbon fiber and other advanced composites raise the potential of these equipments with multiple advantages over the traditional materials.

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Metrology and Scientific Equipment - Carbon fiber is rapidly becoming one of the choice materials in the field of scientific equipments due to its high stability and low thermal expansion.

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From the hobbyist to the professional, from the Drones made with CNC flat plates to the most sophisticated UAV made with molds designed and produced in our facilities we can create virtually any drone.

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Because of its exceptional strength to weight ratio carbon fiber is the ideal material for in radio controlled vehicles, reduced weight means longer battery life and a longer run between charges.

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Carbon fiber has been described as a game-changing material, and this couldn’t be truer as it is in sporting goods. Its properties have taken sporting goods to the next level of performance.

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Cars, boats and aircrafts

Carbon fiber composites can benefit interior design of cars, airplanes and boats in two ways: weight reduction and high-tech distinctiveness.

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Rings, bracelets, necklaces

Carbon fiber offers a high-tech, classy look, and create unique and original shapes in conjunction with traditional materials to luxury products.

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Musical instruments

Carbon fiber can have many applications musical instruments, both for its technical characteristics and for the shapes it enables.

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