Pro Advanced kit

By using the OXYBLACK carbon fiber kit MM Pro Advanced your Micro Magic will have the required preparation for competition.


Designed for competition

In order to reduce weight to minimum all the remaining standard parts were eliminated. The parts included in this kit have been designed by experts with a broad curriculum of victories, both nationally and internationally. The kit MM Pro Advanced is accompanied by instructions for easy assembly and is secured by OXYBLACK-Composites, Lda.

· Only 8 grams and 0,75 mm tickness

· Precision CNC holes for M2 nuts

The parts were cutted to fit the lightest Futaba 3154 (7,9g) helm  servo available and Graupner DES 567 (19g) sails servo. In order to perfectly fit the M2 nuts (not included), and allow easy removal of the servo, nut holder reinforcements are included. Similar reinforcements are supplied for the canopy lockers.

Technical specifications:

· All parts of the kit were previously cut by CNC (Controlled Numeric Cut) machine with an accuracy of 0,01mm to have the exact measures and to be easily assembled.

· Overall parts thickness:  0,75 mm (aprox.)

· Total parts net weight: 8 g (aprox.)

· Plate size: 185 x 190 mm


Parts included:

A- Sheets lever

B- Plate for Futaba  3154 (7,9g) helm servo and down plate for screws fixing (to be glued to the top plate

C- M2 nuts plates for canopy locker

D- Mast collar

E- Plate for Graupner DES 567 (19g) sails servo and M2 nuts small plates for down fixing (with and without switch)

F- Keel plates (to be glued together, the M2 nuts halls plates is glued bellow the other)



Each package is sent by registered mail in an envelope of 20 cm x 30 cm and contains:
· 1 carbon plates containing all the parts
· 1 assembly manual


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