Founded in 2010, OXYBLACK - Composite, Lda is a company based in Portugal that designs and produces solutions in advanced composites resulting in high quality products for a wide range of applications.
We have constant attention to design, innovation and technology, developing different and unique solutions, which allows us to respond to the most demanding challenges of our clients.
We produce parts in Carbon Fiber, Aramid / Kevlar and Glass Fiber for both finished product and component technical solutions for the industry.
These materials have high durability, are extremely light and at the same time resistant. Its application is extremely wide and versatile, combining elegance and sobriety.
We are dedicated to developing high quality products and solutions with high technology materials.


How we do

Design – Innovation - Technology

We are passionate about technology, design and innovation and we materialize this passion using sophisticated materials and advanced techniques.
We believe that by working with future-oriented materials such as carbon fiber composites and bio-composites, we can reach the optimal balance between weight and strength, design and innovation. This combination offers us, and our customers, virtually unlimited possibilities.
The possibilities of producing very complex shapes along with the combination of other materials in the manufacturing process, offers a strong alternative to traditional materials. Its use results in an increasing number of applications.
The use of composite materials makes "the world lighter" thus reduces the carbon footprint by reducing the energy consumption required to move whether it is of human, mechanical, or renewable origin.


What we do

Help our customers to find solutions

We work with leading-edge solutions and products.
We are geared to new ideas and projects that challenge the established limits.
We work only with materials of high standards and specialist suppliers around the world.
We care about the details and we always have control of our services and deliverables.
To use composite materials in product design requires a different way of thinking and we are willing to help and guide our customers through the process in different options, both in the development of new products and of components for your products.


How to begin

Challenge our team

We are interested in accepting new challenges, where the only limit is our own imagination.
Our team consists of elements with different academic and professional backgrounds, ranging from engineering design to production management experience. In addition, we rely on technical support from professionals, both nationally and internationally, with extensive experience namely in aircraft composites.
In terms of testing and quality control of final products, we have the support of several universities. This diversity allows us to have a continuous development of pioneering work, which leads us to acquire a unique experience and expertise on the selection of materials and production engineering.
The results encourage us to continue to develop new products and efficient production methods.

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